We can stage your live band and stage shows with our 32 channel Yamaha mixer and we have 12 par 56 lights and 12 LED lights.  We also have a large 9 foot by 16 foot video screen for your events!

92.3 FM  K-F-I-I Radio is licensed to Hugo, Colorado.  Contact us at 923Kfii@showcasesound.com

Call us now at 602-391-8055


FM Radio Broadcasting for Schools and Community Events.

Social Distancing with the help of FM radio!

Showcasesound.com, LLC,

is a small business that
specializes by service two major groups of customers!

1)  School systems and all school related activities. This includes dances and indoor/outdoor live sound services.

2)  Chamber of commerce events.  This includes indoor/outdoor live sound services and stage lights.

We understand business and schools like no one else.

We offer an on-time guarantee.  We focus on your needs.

(Scott Scarborough, owner of Showcasesound.com)

Call or text Scott:  602-391-8055

Arizona – Colorado –  Western Kansas – New Mexico




In October of 1972, Scott was asked to play 45 RPM records at his school's carnival in Globe, Arizona.

He was just eleven-years-old, but he got to make announcements for the booths.  He changed records, on just one single turntable!

Scott immediately feel in love with being a DJ.  He has remained as DJ all his life!


Showcasesound.com  -- Scott Scarborough History

In 1975, he began a 35-year radio career.  Scott started out as a DJ at his neighborhood radio station.

In high school, he played most of his own dances!

He purchased more records and more equipment.

Right after high school, in 1979, he worked part time at KUPD-FM.  It was Phoenix' number one TOP 40 station. 

He also played at a couple of Phoenix
discothèques. Bogarts and Stuart Anderson's Black Angus.


After many, many years we have perfected the best school dance experience.  It is a rolling event!

We treat your show as the most important show we have ever performed.  Only one show a day!

Our equipment is broadcast quality.
Music and video cuts are broadcast edited.




We use the best equipment for your performance.

We use tested and well constructed gear.

We arrive on time and work until the job is finished.

We will give you a fair price and discuss our prices.

We will treat you like family and we make every

show our top priority.

We book only one show per day.



Arizona – Colorado –  Western Kansas – New Mexico

We offer an on-time guarantee.  We carry back-up equipment.  We have tools, extension cords, hand trucks and a hundred little things other DJs would never think of having
"just in case".

We are well rounded in all events from small groups up to five-thousand people per event.

We are experts in hosting back to school dances, homecoming, Halloween, winter formals, military balls, Valentine’s Day dances, proms and graduation events.



Showcasesound.com  --  602-391-8055 

America’s Oldest-Continuous Mobile DJ Service!

Arizona – Colorado –  Western Kansas – New Mexico!  We have performed also in Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah and California.

We have booked chamber of commerce events, large and small.

We have partnered with dozens of radio and TV stations.

It does not matter if you are a national brand or a local merchant, we want to help you. 

We have performed at car dealers, movie theatres, hotels, conferences, vacation spots, summer camps, department stores, corporate parties,
grand openings and reunions. 

Showcasesound.com  -- 602-391-8055





Showcasesound.com  --  602-391-8055



Call or text Scott Scarborough at 602-391-8055





Call or text 24/7 at 602-391-8055


Thank you,




Scott Scarborough

Colorado Springs, CO 80920



Technical Rider and Master Contract


(pay this invoice)


The purpose of this rider is to facilitate the best performance possible. 

The Purchaser should study this rider and make the necessary provisions contained herein.
You must initial all of these provisions of our agreement.

(  )   An Adult Sponsor Must Sign and Approve Contract.

(  )  Contract must be signed and returned with deposit to begin service.

(  )  Full payment is due the day of performance.

(  )  Payment is due when we arrive and before we setup the show.

(  )  Some productions will require a large deposit for fuel and rooms.

(  )  Payment is cash or approved check.  Cash from the door is acceptable,

      but you must pay 100% of the service fee the day of the event no later

      than the beginning of the performance.  

(  )  If payment is not presented upon our arrival, we will not set up and

      you will forfeit your deposit.  You will be responsible for the full fee

      of your event, plus you may also be liable for any additional fees.

Sold to:_____________ 



Event's Name:_________________ 

Bided Event Price In Total:__________


Total Price For Event:_________  

Deposit Due Upon Agreement:____

Due Upon Setup:_________________  

Person Responsible For Payment:________________________________

Load In Time:_____________________    

Start Time:___________________________  

Location Of Your Show:______________

(Please be as descriptive as possible.)





You must initial all provisions of this agreement.

(  )  Local noise enforcement laws:  If this event is to be staged

where sound levels may become a problem, then it is the

responsibility of the Purchaser to satisfy any question of

noise complaints.  If approached by police to end the event,

we will do so without question.  There will be no refunds.

(  )  If any alcoholic beverages are sold or provided at your event,

we will not take any responsibility with any related problems.


(If you have standard household power that should be OK for your house/home party)

Commercial grade electrical power must be provided for all shows.



For just a standard DJ setup, most school power is adequate.




Showcasesound requires at least four

(4) individual and separate 30 AMP circuits @ 115V AC each, within
75 feet of center stage, for Showcasesound's exclusive use.
(2) additional 30 AMP circuits are required for full stage lights.

We recommend a 25 KV power generator for outdoor audio.

We recommend a 50 to 75 KV power generator for an outdoor
show with audio that also includes stage lighting.

Additional power is always required for staging high wattage stage lights.



Power failure, delays in performance, and/or damage to equipment or
personnel due to faulty electricity is Purchaser's sole responsibility.

Power must be clean, easily accessible, and reliable electricity.

A house electrician with a full working knowledge of the electrical
facilities in the building must be available at the load-in
time and during the performance.

If power is lost, the house electrician must be ready to reset all circuits.

If physical building does not have ample power you must supply a
power generator.  We recommend at least a 25 KV power supply.

(  )  I understand all the power requirements.

The Purchaser agrees to provide a representative experienced in both your
stage management and Production to be at the disposal of Showcasesound
from the time of the beginning of the event to the time it is completed.

This representative shall be English-speaking and must be duly authorized
to act on the Purchaser's behalf in all matters related to the performance.
This person is responsible for your show and who performs and when.

Safety must be considered.  We will not construct an unsafe performance.
We are careful with electrical systems and staging plans.  Weather can
cause an unforeseen cancellation. 

(  )  I understand the stage management requirements.


Please list any special requirements needed for your stage.




(We do not supply backline equipment but we can help you with referral rentals.)

In Arizona:  Call Milano Music in Mesa 480-827-1111

Backline is a service which provides individual music instruments and specialized

musician gear not commonly used for general PA systems.

For example:  Pianos, Guitars, and all performance gear that provides a signal

to the master audio system.

Logistics:  Please write any special arrangement for loading-in or loading-out.




We need free access to our vehicles at all times and parking within 100 feet of
an entrance to a building or outdoor area.  Your event’s security must be notified

that we may return to our vehicles at any time.

It is Purchaser's responsibility to provide an experienced, first-class security
staff to safeguard Showcasesound, our employees and other personnel,
equipment, personal property and vehicles from the time of our arrival at
the venue until our final departure from the venue. 

By signing this agreement, if we feel our people or property are

in danger, in any manner, we will stop the event.  We will also

leave the venue, with all our people and property, at our own pace.

(  )  I understand the security requirements.

We are not a demanding team, but we require polite and businesslike
working relationships with our clients and all their guests.  We reserve
the right to end our service if guests, sponsors or clients treat us poorly.

(  )  I understand the businesslike cooperation requirements.


(   )  Showcasesound.com, LLC shall be the only and only contractor to

        provide a sound system, lights and video for your performance.


Please list ANY add-on entertainers and if they will need equipment.



(   )  None of our labor force is unionized.  We contract as non-union labor.


Any school district, business, organization or group who hires Showcasesound.com, LLC, to provide services for your own event(s) shall cover yourself.  You accept unlimited liability.


Cancellation:  If you cancel our services with at least two-weeks-notice, you will

be charged 30% of the full rate agreed above.  If you cancel later you must pay

100% of the full rate agreed above.  We will make every attempt to re-schedule your

Event.  However, we can not lose fees on any reserved date.


We fully understand all concerns with weather and health issues and we pledge

to work with you on re-scheduling events.


This contract begins upon the receipt of deposit fee and signature of
our client, the Purchaser of the service.

By signing our agreement, you understand we will not provide any of

our services without your payment.  If payment is not presented, we

will not provide you service.  No credit cards for payment.

Signature of Sponsor:_________________________________________

Date of Sponsor Signature:_____________________________________

Your Telephone and e-mail:_____________________________________

Your Address:________________________________________________

Signature of Company:_____________

Date of Contract:__________________

Our Address:____________________